Nevermore Brings Dread to Game Night


Smirk & Dagger Games has an eclectic collection of games that grab my attention. Today I’m taking a look at Nevermore, a “drafting-pass-the-crap” card game with an amazingly haunting theme where the last survivor is the winner. But be careful; as your opponents are defeated, they continue to harass you as Ravens.

INevermore-Cards.jpgn Nevermore, players start with a hand of 5 cards made up of Victory Point, Attack, Healing, Radiance, and Raven cards. Each of these cards are turned in during their respective position on the resolution track which changes every round so you never no which order you’ll be playing your cards in. Before the round begins, players pass cards they don’t want to the player next to them in three turns to try to build the perfect hand while diminishing their opponent’s  chances of Victory. The full rules can be found here!

resolution trackI’ll admit, when my wife was drawn into this game at Origins, I wasn’t fully interested at first. It looked very complicated and I wasn’t feeling it. I watched while she played and had a good time. We brought it home and decided to play with our 9 year old and I fell in love with this game. It’s much simpler than it looks so there isn’t a huge learning curve. My wife explained the rules in about 5 minutes and we played one round and all of us got it. She did say that when reading the rules, she wasn’t sure if she would have been able to learn from just the included rule book without having been taught by someone at the convention so that may be a concern but is easily fixed with a learn to play video online. The art is fantastic and the cards are good quality. The theme works well and would go great for a Halloween game night with some mood music. It’s rated 14+ and while our son had no issues, I can see where younger kids may have trouble with the idea of the strategies involved and the theme is a little dark.

Overall, Nevermore is a great time and proof that I should continue to always try any game at least once and reserve judgement until later as I would have missed out on this great game by Smirk and Dagger. Get Nevermore at your local game store or on Smirk & Dagger’s website.

Have you played Nevermore? Let me know what you thought!



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