A New Direction


I used to pride myself in updating this blog every Friday. “Consistency is the key to readers,” they said and they aren’t wrong. Every week I would decide what to write about and then rush to have it up by my “deadline” of 12pm EST on Friday. Some decent articles came out of this but some of them were obviously rushed. I went on a vacation in August that kept me away from writing followed closely by GenCon 50 that I assumed would give me tons of material. Honestly it did but I still found myself not writing about any of it. I got into multiple podcasts and twitch streams for Dungeons & Dragons and from there snagged a couple of interviews and even played with creating a twitch stream of my own by the same name of this blog. None of this really felt fulfilling and I found myself retreating into my own campaign planning and left the blogging and media behind.

I had to step back and look into why I was really doing any of this. When I started by blog, I was chasing the idea of writing something that people wanted to read; not because I wanted to entertain but because I wanted to be heard. The D&D community is very open minded in my experience and many members are like me and consume as much as they can on the topic. I could go into why I think this community in general lends itself to this but that may be best for a later time. My final analysis revealed that my reasons for writing were wrong. It was more about what I could get from the community when it should’ve been what I could give to the community.

The D&D community is easily one of the best there is. It lives mainly on Twitter and from what I can see is full of the most supportive people around. You can post a simple question and be met with multitudes of advice and help from the masses. As a DM for my home group, the community is as valuable a resource as the Monster Manual or DM’s Guide. Not only can you get answers from your peers but even the creators of the game will chime in. It has been growing and I have loved living in a time where D&D is becoming this cool. Celebrities everywhere coming from the woodwork to play this game just cements that we’re no longer hiding in the basement nor do we need to be embarrassed by our love of the game. A community such as this deserves better from those of us that choose to contribute.

That said, I am going to start writing again but with a  different focus. Originally the plan was to write about table top in general and I will still do that. What I want to add to that is community support. I want to help get the word out on the great people in this community. That being said, if you’re reading this and would like to contribute to the Blog or have something you’d like some free press on, let me know in an email. This is my pledge to change the blog’s focus from inward to outward and continue to try to contribute more than I take. Join me in this adventure!


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