Limitless Adventures Takes the Prep Work Out of DMing

I love being a DM. Creating a world for players to immerse themselves in is a wonderful feeling. I live for Wednesday night Dungeons & Dragons but, unlike my players, the other days of the week are often spent with core books studying monsters and adventure notes to prepare for the next session.  To truly create an immersive world, I need to create everything from the random barkeeps to the important quest giver. Not all of these are prepared in advance but rather on the spot which can sometimes fall flat. This is where Limitless Adventures comes in. These guys have created a ton of content for D&D 5e to take care of some of the prep work involved in running a game and as they put it, “Prep less, game more.”


I ran across the Limitless Adventures team from listening to the Critical Role Podcast and from a fellow Reviewer, Terminally Nerdy. I’ll be reviewing two products today. One of them is free and available at Limitless Adventures and the other, I was kindly sent for reviewing purposes. They have many different options on their site to suit your DMing needs. The idea is to be able to pull one of these out to supplement your campaign, though with all of the available detail, you could easily jump start a campaign. Available for free is “Urban Encounters 2” and I was also sent “Limitless Non Player Characters vol. 1.” I read through almost all of the content thought to be honest, I didn’t look through every NPC in the second PDF as there were 100 different NPCs within


To  start, “Urban Encounters 2” is available for anyone who either listens to theurban

Critical Role Podcast or goes to the link above. It contains ten different urban or city/town based encounters that you can easily put into your campaign. What I really enjoy here is that these encounters actually have a story to them that will add drama to the campaign. This is better than the typical, “You run across some Goblins and you killthem and get some gold,” encounters and actually have their own plot. Each encounter has a set up that is prepared for you to read straight from the page as well as stat blocks for everyone involved. These encounters will also include any treasure that may or may not be gained from this encounter as well as the “Further Adventure,” section. This is my favorite part as each encounter offers three different ways to further the story and tie these into your campaign. Considering this one is free at the moment, you would be doing yourself a disservice as a DM to not go pick this up.

tattooed man



The Tattooed Man From Urban Encounters 2



I want to stress that I did receive “Limitless Non Player Characters vol. 1” in return for an honest review. This PDF contains 100 different NPCs including Allies, Contacts, Foes, Merchants, and Archenemies. The NPCs are split into these categories for easy reference and offer up an NPC for just about any situation you might want to put into your game. Again, Limitless Adventures has included stat blocks for those players that can’t help but try to kill things as well as possible encounters to introduce these characters. The detail in these is well thought out and even goes as far as their history and what they currently are carrying in their pockets. The NPCs have character and would be perfect for when your players decide to go off and visit areas you weren’t prepared for. Pulling any of these NPCs out would make a party think you planned for this all along. The archenemies section goes even further. Here, a Villain is introduced and even given their own story arc. What I really enjoy about these is how they account for stat changes over time as the Villain has their own life outside of the party and progresses through their own story.


Albee The Awful: A Great NPC


Gu Va Ru: An Arch Enemy

Both of these publications are well put together and make for good reference.  Most of these seem like they wouldn’t necessarily something you would use every day but I would suggest they would be something that you would love to have available when you need it. The prices are on point as well so you can supplement your game without breaking the bank. I would like to see a little more about the personality in some of the NPCs such as quirks and interests outside of their position but any good DM can take what has been given and flesh it out further. Overall, I would say that even if I hadn’t received this for free, I would buy it. The NPC PDF is beyond valuable as I constantly find myself trying to create NPCs without falling back on the same old things.

Do you want to spend more time playing and less time prepping? Have you checked these out yourself? Let me know in the comments below!


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