Hasbro Gets in on the Fun With Subscription Box Service

Hasbro announced in April that they would be launching a subscription box service in 2017. On Monday, they opened up www.hasbrogamingcrate.com to start taking orders for boxes that will start shipping in the fall. Hasbro is entering the subscription box service after a record year in board game sales in 2016.

They will offer two different options to begin with to cover games for both adults and families. The two options will be called the Family Crate and the Party Crate and will each offer a selection of three games every three months for $49.99 plus shipping. Both crates will offer some extras having to do with the theme which I can only imagine would be stickers or small trinkets. The Family Crate, as the name suggests, will feature games for the whole family while the Party Crate will be targeted more towards an adult game night.


Both Boxes will have a featured game that subscribers will have revealed before they confirm their order as well as two mystery games. The featured game for the first Family Crate will be Mask of the Pharaoh, an interesting VR based direction giving game while the Party Crate will be featuring Speak Out: Joe Satagato Edition. This could help boost subscriptions as being able to know at least one of the games in the box may entice gamers that are more wary of blind subscription boxes. Hopefully, Hasbro takes advantage of the mystery games to introduce newer games as the typical board games such as Clue and Monopoly will surely disappoint their target market.

Everyone is in the subscription box service these days and I don’t think it’s a bad idea for Hasbro to throw their hat in the ring. If played up right, they could definitely see success with this. What do you think? Will you be ordering the Hasbro Gaming Crate? Let me know in the comments below!


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